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No matter your vibe, we can be there to make your party pop

I’m Louis, better known as Lou. I have been a chef for 18 years. Been around the block and back. My journey has taken me from the highest end of the industry in 5 star hotels and fine dining restaurants to food festivals and now my own tea room. But on every step of that journey, meat has been THE passion and is there a better way to cook than on flames. Food has always been my passion and I can’t wait to share that with you at your special event.

What's your vibe?


Our BBQs are a fantastic way to start, with a wide range of delicious options – the sky is the limit for your BBQ.

Perfect for the chilled summer party

Perfect for that special occasion with an intimate crowd and requires that pristine white plate.

This can start with something as simple as a 3 course meal all the way up to a 10 course tasting menu with canapés to start. Our canapés make a fantastic addition to any cocktail party too!


For the big day, we can really go all out, with a vibrant mixture of BBQ, canapés, fine dining and even breakfasts. We can even do this over multiple days.

Our tongs will be at your service

Big Day